Sunday, November 13, 2011

CS3216, how cool is that!

CS3216 has ended, and with a happy ending :) Recalling the last three months, this module gives me a really cool experience, which I would like to share now.

CS3216 provides me with a rare chance to build three applications in one module. This is really crazy for someone like me because I never touched web programming before. And when I started learning it, I could not avoid making mistakes and it was quite time-consuming and painful to find a good way of writing the code. Javascript, HTML5, php, Objective-C... I cannot say that I have mastered them, but at least I’ve some experience on them and it will cost much less time when I need to use these tools in the future. How cool is that!

CS3216 is not much like knowledge-based but more problem-based. The whole module is not about learning the new web technologies and practicing them but solving problems based on these technologies. Finding a problem is not always that easy because it may have already been solved and there are many strong competitors; solving a problem is harder since we may have limitations in terms of time, money and technology and we may even cannot find clients that are willing to cooperate with us. But getting through all this is really beneficial since it gives me a nutshell how the real world works, and how important it is to solve problems and create values. How cool is that!

I made some really hardworking, highly driven and talented friends in CS3216. Working with them is such a pleasure and everyone has his/her unique skill. There were designers, backend programmers, front-end programmers and business people. We need all these kinds of people to get things done, and if we don’t have, we have to play their roles, which is not as easy but from which I can learn a lot. We didn’t just stay up together before the deadline, we stayed up almost EVERYDAY. How cool is that!

CS3216 let me do the final crazy thing in the final week. If I include the iOS version, I have totally written four applications. I am already a workaholic, and taking this module makes me believe that sleep is indeed optional and everything is indeed doable. How cool is that!

We have people from different countries in this module. We are not separated because we have common goals: solving problems to make a better world. How cool is that!

The only pity is that: we don’t have this module anymore :(

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